8 Things Brides Regret Not Doing At Their Wedding

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It can feel like there’s a lot of do’s and don’ts when it comes to planning your wedding day that it can be hard to keep track. But here are some that we hear are the most popular things Brides regret after their wedding that may wish to consider now rather than later to avoid any disappointments.

Top 8 things all Brides Regret…

#1 Comfortable Shoes

Your wedding heels will be stunning and not only captured in your wedding photos throughout the day but treasured just as much as your wedding dress. But undoubtedly, you will feel so much better slipping into something a little more forgiving and comfy for the reception and dancing! A pair of cute flats or comfy trainers will be a perfect option – and can be just as pretty so you don’t have to sacrifice style!

#2 Personalised Keepsakes

Keepsakes that will be treasured and make your day a little more special (and photos too!). Personalised robes to drinkware are great little momentos that add to your day, and your tribe’s that can even double them up as little thank you gifts too.

#3 Pre-Organising Wedding Day Essentials

In all the chaos of the day it’s easy to overlook and forget to have the little essentials with you (or with a bridesmaid) just in case. It’s the little things and moments throughout the day that you’ll wish you had a little powder to touch up your makeup, your lipstick to hand or some perfume just to spritz and refresh yourself. 

#4 An Alternative Dress

Which doesn’t have to be limited to one! Perhaps you may wish  to wear your dress all day long (and that may not feel like long enough) or perhaps you may opt for something a little more comfortable to dance and let loose in. All of it depends on you, if you’re used to being dressed up or not, and also what style of dress you choose. If you’re renting you may want to be extra careful and therefore a change of dress is also a great way not to risk ruining your rental. 

#5 Remembering to Eat/ Drink

It’s too easy to get swept up in the events of the day that you forget to eat and stay hydrated – which is especially important if you’re not used to the Cyprus heat! Be sure to have a sufficient breakfast and our team will ensure that you have some on hand throughout the day – just remember to ensure you drink plenty of water.

#6 Not Hiring a Videographer

‘A photo can speak a thousand words’ – which is very true, yet, a wedding video can capture so much more! You may be thinking it’s an additional expense that isn’t necessary but we can guarantee you it’s something you’ll regret if you don’t. Sitting down after the wedding day and being able to rewatch fragments of your day that you may have missed yourself, catching the emotions in their raw moments are something you won’t be able to get back.

#7 To Have Fun!

Not surprising but one of the biggest things Brides regret the most! So don’t forget that the reason you’ve been planning this for months and to enjoy your big day now that it’s finally here! The day will fly by so be sure to take a moment with your new partner to take it all in and have a day & night you won’t forget!