So you’ve chosen Cyprus, now what?

Sunset viewed from a cave opening over the sea, with sun dipping near the horizon, casting a warm glow on the rocky cave ceiling and tranquil ocean waters.

So you’ve decided on Cyprus for your (destination) wedding, after researching many popular worldwide destinations. Now, when you were doing said research, there may or may not have been a venue that caught your eye and made that all important decision for you. However, fret not if that wasn’t the case!

There are 5 regions of Cyprus, all of which offer some truly stunning venues and locations for your big day. So how do you choose? Let’s break them down and explain how they differ and hopefully help you make your next decision that much easier!

Firstly, it’s important to know what (and where) the 5 regions of the island are:

Aerial view of a bustling city at sunset, showcasing densely packed buildings and streets with a prominent historic church at the center surrounded by lush greenery.

Nicosia: The Capital city (and last divided capital city in the world). Located inland, Nicosia is the only region on the island without a coastline, steeped in history offering Medieval sights and off the beaten track venues. Popular style of wedding venues found in Nicosia, are Municipality locations and large scale venues outside of the center.

A vibrant beach scene with clear blue waters, people relaxing on sun loungers, and modern buildings lining the shore under a clear sky.

Ammochosta/ Famagusta: On the southeast, Famagusta is home to the island’s famous nightlife in Ayia Napa, and offering gorgeous blue flag beaches along its coast and villages of Paralimni, Pernera and Protaras. Popular style of wedding venues found in Famagusta include sand-in-your-toes spots, hotels, restaurants and white churches.

Ancient stone aqueduct with large arches under a cloudy sky, surrounded by a grassy field with sparse greenery. a town is visible in the background.

Larnaca: Also situated on the southern coast is Larnaca, the islands port city, with a sandy strip and water front that is Mackenzie Beach, the region offers many religous traditional style venues and beach front locations. Larnaca also hosts the island’s largest airport. Popular style of wedding venues found in Larnaca include seaside venues, hotels and rural spots.

Aerial view of a coastal city skyline featuring modern high-rise buildings, with a clear sky and calm blue sea along a sandy beach.

Limassol: Further along the coast heading west is Limassol, the cosmopolitan region of the island, known for it’s seven mile long beachfront and bustling harbour where luxury yachts are a plenty. Popular style of wedding venues found in Limassol are five star hotels, wineries and beachfront locations.

A rugged coastline with rocks and waves crashing ashore, featuring an ancient stone fortress at the edge of the sea under a bright, cloudy sky.

Paphos: Popular with holidaymakers and tourists, Paphos is the western most region reaching both the northern coast of Polis and the southern coast where its harbour and nightlife can be found. Also home to blue flag beaches, it offers beachfront and rustic venues alike. Popular style of wedding venues found in Paphos include hotels, beachfront sand-in-your-toes venues, golf courses, restaurants, modern and traditional rustic venues.

Whilst, every region except Nicosia has a coastline and beachfront locations, Paphos and Famagusta are the most popular.